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This is a hack made by Lunar Rico, which is a sequel to Jerry's Vacation. The hack stars Jerry the Cherry Bob-omb, and Rico Koopa.


One day, Jerry and Rico were at their house, while everyone else on Rico's team were out on vacation. They both wanted to go on vacation, but they couldn't! Why? They couldn't relax unless they had a big adventure, and its been kinda slow for business. Then, at the door, was the mail! Jerry grabbed the mail to find 2 letters. One was for Jerry, and one was for Rico. "RICO! LETTER" yelled Jerry. Rico came and took the letter. They both opened it at the same time for dramatic effectt. It was from Princess Peach! Jerry's said:

"Dear Jerry,

Enclosed in this letter is a ticket for a cruise on the Norwegian Epic. We need you and Rico to come be bodyguards for me and Mario. I bet your brain must be scrambled at this point. Well the reason I'm asking is because me and Mario are finally getting married. Yeah, that's the truth. I'm so happy! I think your wondering why we chose you 2, well... Mario invited Rico because he saved us when the meteor hit Dinosaur World. Luigi invited you because he said he made a promise to you that he would let you see a bride in a wedding dress. Just keep Bowser away, and have fun! (Even if we're married, he'll still be after me.) -Peach"

Rico's had the same thing, but with the names switched. So they packed their stuff and headed out!

But there is another story to this:

We all know Dimentio well after his defeat back at Bleck Castle. After that, Dimentio headed off to find another way to be evil. He searched and searched until he found something in the center of Dinosaur World. It was the StaratZ! The StaratZ is the balance of good and evil. There was a dusty message block that said:

"The StaratZ can be altered if something big happens. If that thing is evil, the StaratZ turns into a Ztar. If good, it turns into a Star. This will decide what everyone will act like."

Dimentio had to find what he could do. He stumbled across a copy of the Koopa Kronicle and read it. It said Mario and Princess Peach were getting married! Dimentio knew that was big, and would surely ruin his chances at the StaratZ. A little sub-section said that they hired 2 bodyguards: Jerry the Cherry Bob-omb and Rico Koopa. Those 2 are his new targets. He shall ruin the wedding and gain control of the StaratZ!

So far, this hack is mainly unknown. You can visit the thread or go to the Weebly site.


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