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Can hack YI and SMW

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February 21st, 2009


May 28th, 1996

Known For

Being addicted to Flag Counter, annoying others by talking too much about Flag Counter

Jeorge535 is a 15 year old male former hacker from the United Kingdom and a user on SMW Central.. He joined in February 2009 with the ID 4899. He can hack both Yoshi's Island and Super Mario World, but hacks neither these days. Some users call him by the short name of "Jeorge". He is one of the only users from the United Kingdom who has over 2000 posts.

He started hacking Yoshi's Island after playing Steven/Golden Yoshi's Yoshi's Island hacks, SMW2+ and SMW2+2. These inspired him to start Yoshi's Island hacking. He very quickly learned how to hack YI. In late July 2010, he quit YI Hacking due to complete loss of motivation, and started hacking SMW instead. But then, a few weeks after that, he decided that he preferred YI hacking over SMW hacking, and restarted hacking YI. Jeorge occasionally hacks YI, but often finds himself losing motivation fast. These days, he has developed an addiction to Flag Counter, which he started using in Summer 2010. But since several users have demonstrated their anger to Jeorge about his addiction to Flag Counter, he is trying to get rid of this addiction.

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