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JeRRy86 is a 13 years old male user on SMW Central. He joined on the 24th of May, in 2009. He became somewhat well-known in his period of being on SMW Central.

This user made some (unreleased) kaizo hacks and pit hacks, called "An Unknown Place", "PID OF DOOM", and "PITy Place". A few videos of these hacks can be found on his Youtube channel

Released things

JeRRy86 has no hacks in the hacks section, but one of his sprites and one of his patches are in their respective sections

  • Barrel sprite (Video)
  • Win level if you have 1 second left


The skills of this user get to about every part of hacking. A few things that he is still unable to do:

  • Dynamic sprites
  • Complex patches
  • Bosses with complex attack patterns
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