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This is in progress, still being made, first the D3 thing is being made.

The Creator

This is a user on, and at the same time the proud creator of the:"The Legend of Randorland" series.

JELLJELL1111 AKA Chikane has made severall hacks including:

The Legend of Randorland 1, The Legend of Randorland 2 and The Legend of Randorland 3, Sniggerbobble's Nightmare: Randor's Inside Story with Sniggerbobble.

And some other ones.

JELLJELL1111 is commonly known as "JELLO" due to Sniggerbobble's creation of the nickname and his common use of it. As revenge, JELLJELL1111 started to name Sniggerb0bble as Ass Bee and it has stuck between them and has even become a staple name that Randor calls the character Sniggerbobble in The Devious Four Chronicles.

After some time though, progress on the Chronicles halted and JELLJELL1111 submitted his hack The Legend of Randorland 3: Randor's Eternal Empire which held small, but impressive level design quality. Raocow, a very well known LPer on Youtube Let's Played the hack and some how caused a terror trend to all users of the D4C and in time, JELLJELL1111 quit the Devious Four Chronicles for this reason, and also, some more unknown and important personal reasons, maybe with real life. To this day, this user continues to struggle through SMW hacking and improves with each and every click.

He is still friends with metalgearhunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N..

This is the end of the BIO so far expect more to come soon.

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