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11th of November, 2008


September 1st, 1995

Known For

Lack of motivation to actually complete a hack longer than 1 level.

JDC is somebody who joined SMWC in November, 2008. He was a lurker, who never posted until 2009, to announce his first hack, Revenge of the Koopa Kids. He has since progressed hugely as a hacker, and is the creator of a 1-level featured hack known as 'Chocolate Flavour'.

Me as a person

Real life JDC's real name is Joshua. You may be able to guess where his username comes from. Hint: It's his initials! JDC tends to be a more introverted person in Real life, but is a lot more sociable on SMWC, for some odd reason. JDC is 16 years old, and is interested in Game Design when he is older.

SMWC Life JDC is an active user on SMWC, who posts frequently, and is online several times daily. He is the creator of Chocolate Flavour, and a WIP hack known as 'Yoshi'. JDC is also designing his own game in Game Maker, known as Invasion. He has also made his own forums, which is small as of known, but he hopes to have more users joining soon.


Invasion WIP. This is a game using the idea from Mario VS Donkey Kong. JDC tried to make this into a hack, but decided to not. This is currently a beta.

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