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Also known as

Fake FuSoYa



Knows of

Level Design, Graphic Design. Custom Insert: Graphics,Music,Blocks,Sprites and Patches

Join date

Dec 04, 2010


Jan 07, 1995

Known For


Italian7 (or "Fake FuSoYa" as was known) is a user on SMW Central, who joined on December 4, 2010. Italian7's age is 16; he was born on January 7th 1995, and his real-life name is Paulo T. Muffato.


He discovered Lunar Magic and SMW hacking in 2008, after he noticed that an SMW game which he was playing was different than the original game. He tried to make their own hack, but only created three full levels and their sublevels, but unfortunately there was an error with his computer's hard drive and that caused him to lose the hack data. Italian7 stopped SMW hacking for some time after it. Then he tried to rebuild again, creating another four new awesome levels, but had the same error again and he thought about quitting SMW hacking. He stopped SMW hacking for two years, but then decided to give it another try.

SMWC activity

Spend most of your time posting on International SMW Hacking > Portuguese Forums, sometimes in Forum Games, amoung others.
Sends a PM for admins as soon as he sees an error in site.

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