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An Invisible Coin Block Maze, from an edited SMW Hacks.

An invisible coin block is a ? block that is, like the name says, invisible. There are three different kinds of invisible coin blocks. Two of these three become visible when hit from below, and one will give you a coin (object 2, Map16 tile 21) while the other will give you a 1-Up Mushroom (object 11, Map16 tile 22). Touching these blocks from any other angle will cause Mario to pass right through it like it doesn't exist. The third kind of invisible coin block is completely non-solid until a P-switch is hit, at which point they becomes solid coin blocks (object 16, Map16 tile 29). Once the P-switch ends, however, they disappear again.

Invisible Note Blocks

Invisible note blocks (object 12, Map16 tiles 23 and 24) are almost identical to the normal invisible coin block, aside from the fact that they become note blocks instead of ? blocks, as they only become visible when hit from below. There's two tiles for it, but they act exactly the same, and the second one wasn't used by Super Mario World.


  • Sprites such as turn block bridges or keys can be used to push Mario up high enough that he can jump past an invisible block without hitting it (the latter requires that you jump off the key while it's bouncing upwards).
  • If you land on a springboard right below an invisible block, you will end up hitting the coin block and being forced down into the springboard.

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