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Also known as

HMT, on the IRC: Alice_Margatroid, PhoenixWright, Near/Far, L, vex



Knows of

How to make a hard non-Kaizo level.

Join date

April 19th, 2009


January 6th, 1999

Known For

Making facepalms all over WOI and Talk, pissing off Blumiere, licking Captain Pissweak's shoes, reviving closed and dead threads, reviving a deleted page, being an asshole as far as I can tell.

InnerPuppy is a banned user. But partly well known for being a Captain Pissweak fan.

He has been banned several times for bad post quality, and finally had his account disabled for making a previously closed thread.

Known re-registers: a bag of chips, KristophGavin, blackness93, PropaneInAJar, Reisen, nou, IPXX, Arktik

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