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Info Box
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GFX01 (SP2)



An info box displaying the first message of Yoshi's Island 2.

An info box is an object found quite often in Super Mario World. They are used to display information to the player. SMW's instruction booklet refers to it as a Message Block.


Info boxes are technically sprites, though they seem like they would be objects. When hit from below, they will display one of two messages for the level entered on the overworld depending on the X position of it.


The info box is used for many different purposes. Some of these are giving the player tips, telling the player about a new gameplay mechanic, and advancing the story. In SMW, they are mainly used to tell the player about gameplay mechanics and give them tips (they are never used to advance what little story the original game had). In Kaizo Mario and very few other hacks, the info is in Japanese.

You must use Lunar Magic's Overworld Editor to actually change the text. Every level can have two messages; the sprite's X position determines which message is played. Level C5's intro and the message that plays when you rescue Yoshi for the first time both use Level 0. The levels marked as Switch Palaces put dotted-line and ! Blocks into the level's first message. The level marked as Yoshi's House (default 104) won't play message 2 unless you're on Yoshi.

Technical Info

  • Info boxes are standard sprite B9 in Lunar Magic.
  • Changing the value found in offset x18FB0 with the assistance of a hex editor results in a tilemap modification of the info box.
  • Hitting an info box will cancel any Layer 3 effects (like tides).
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