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Most aspects of SMW hacking; see article

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October 5, 2008


January 11, 1991

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Creating tessera.

imamelia (see note) is a user of SMW Central with the user ID 3471. He knows a decent amount about hacking Super Mario World, whether he can actually use that knowledge or not. Despite what the "online users" list says (he usually stays logged into his account all the time), he is usually on SMW Central between approximately 11:00 AM-11:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, or 6:00 PM-6:00 AM GMT, except when he is at school. He lives in western Montana. (That's in the United States, just in case anyone doesn't know.) And no, that does not automatically mean he wears a cowboy hat or likes hunting. His name is properly spelled with a lowercase i, although the Wiki page doesn't reflect that, and it is pronounced "I'm Amelia" (IPA: aɪmˌəmilˈjɐ). There is, in fact, a story behind the name, and one that has nothing to do with anyone named Amelia. He is also a local moderator at a small SMW hacking website called Team Haunted Forums. He considers himself to be pretty tolerant of "n00bs", and he will usually be glad to answer any question he is able to.


imamelia's story, how he came to SMW Central

He was a member of GameSpot for a brief period of time beginning in July 2008, and while there, he asked if it was possible to edit a video game. Someone mentioned Lunar Magic, so he Googled it and found FuSoYa's Niche, which naturally led him to SMW Central. He was thrilled that he could make his own Super Mario World games, although he wasn't very experienced at first. (His first 50 posts or so were all questions of some form or another.) Ironically, his first post was about EggVine rather than Lunar Magic, a question about a missing .dll file. He was also very shy and timid at first, which was not helped by...certain things. (He still is like that in some ways, but perhaps not enough so in certain situations.) He has since then opened up and learned a lot about SMW hacking, although he is no expert by any standards.

imamelia's ROM hacking experience

imamelia knows some ASM, although often laments about how many mistakes he makes with it. He can compose music okay (although he hasn't attempted much in the way of porting it), but his graphic design skills leave something to be desired, unfortunately. His favorite thing to do, however, is design levels. He is working on the beginning stages of a hack called Plum's Worlds of Chaos, which focuses on Plum, a cousin of Peach, up against Queen Eris, Bowser's wife. He also has a couple of secondary hacks that he may or may not complete, comprising a hack in Esperanto called "La Mistero Granda Ovaj" (The Great Egg Mystery) and a currently untitled Super Mario All-Stars/Yoshi's Island-themed one.

tools and ASM

imamelia is known for his ASM skills. He has created a large number of patches, sprites and blocks, and even a sprite inserting tool under the name of Tessera which is currently his biggest creation. Nevertheless, several people claim many of his creations are too complicated and only a few people can use them.

imamelia's "social life"

imamelia is not known for having good social skills either on the Internet or in real life, but he has made some friends through SMWC. Some ideas he mentioned in a thread Schwa made brought them together; Schwa was the first really good friend imamelia had on SMWC (in fact, every time he mentions him, he still misses him...). His current best friend is probably Superderek; the two of them are working on a hack called Lord Mazon's World: Super Mario's Quest together, and they have recently added Kristian to the team. The circumstances under which they met were...rather unusual, but considering they are good friends now, they both can laugh about how it all started. imamelia is also good friends with a few other users, such as Ladida, Atma, Kristian, and Maxx. He also likes IRC a lot; although he is rarely on #smwc for personal reasons, he is usually on #serioushax, #th, #ameliafrommars (his private channel), and sometimes #lolmusic.

imamelia's relationship with other websites

Though SMW Central is clearly imamelia's number-one Internet "hang-out", he is also registered at several other sites. Besides the aforementioned Team Haunted, is is also a member of Jul and Dimension Project. In the case of the former, he mostly lurks and reads some of the stories in the role-playing forum. The latter, however, is another matter. He is one of the first people to be part of Dimension Project, the third registered user at the forums after Superderek and Mazon. He was made a local moderator soon after registration, and was promoted to a global moderator when Mazon, the former global moderator, had to leave for an unknown length of time.

Random facts about imamelia

  • He is the oldest of five children.
  • He knows 71 decimal places of pi. (It's not impressive; ask Roy...or Daniel Tammet.)
  • He is the fifth SMW Central user to code a dynamic sprite (smkdan, edit1754, Roy, and Schwa being the first four).
  • He sometimes, randomly and without warning, switches from third person to first when I'm writing things like wiki pages.
  • His favorite foods are gyros and sushi.
  • His interests other that hacking and playing video games include reading, playing and writing music, writing stories (when he can get his mind to work that way), and looking up interesting facts.
  • This space for rent. (Wow...imamelia needs to think of more random facts about himself; there are a lot more, but they will be added to later.)

More to come...

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