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Iggy, as he appeared in Super Mario World.

Iggy Koopa is one of Bowser's children. He has a green shell, multicolored hair, and wears glasses. In Super Mario World however, his sprite is blue with white hair, sharing hairstyles with Larry even though he has his own tiles for his hair. In terms of age, he's exactly in the middle of the seven - being older than Larry, Morton Jr. and Wendy, but younger than Roy, Lemmy and Ludwig.

He is named after Iggy Pop, lead singer of the Stooges.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Iggy Koopa.

Iggy first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. Here, he was the boss of World 4 / Giant Land. He attacks by running towards Mario, and tries to blast him with the rings coming out of his Wand. Touching Iggy from the bottom or side will hurt Mario. In order to defeat him, the player must run towards him, and jump on his head. Iggy will retreat into his shell, where he must be avoided until he comes out. This process is repeated two times more, and he's finished. Alternatively, Iggy can be killed using a Fire Flower.

In Super Mario Bros 3, Larry Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr. have the same attack pattern as Iggy.

Super Mario World

Mario battles Iggy Koopa in Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World.

As resident of Castle #1 in Yoshi's Island, he rides on a huge tilting platform floating in a pool of lava. He throws fireballs at Mario, hoping to knock the plumber in. He is defeated by stomping him several times in succession so that he slides toward the lower end of the tilted platform, hopefully into the lava himself. Alternatively, a Fire Flower can be used to push him off.

Hacking information

All the Koopalings are stored at sprite 29. To use Iggy, you must put the sprite at X=12, Y=3. You must also use level mode B, which will blank out your level and replace it with "CANNOT RENDER: This is a boss battle level!" The sprite memory must be set to 12, and buoyancy must be enabled. There isn't much you can edit about Iggy or his battle without knowledge of ASM.

His ball is available at sprite A7 (which you must insert manually), but all it does in a regular level is fall and vanish. It uses Palette A, while Iggy himself is at Palette B. Both Iggy and the ball are at GFX25.

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