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Making custom graphics, being a digital artist.

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Spriting, ExGfx, being exceedingly lazy, Super Mario World Redrawn

icegoom is a twentysomething nobody from the United States. He came onto the hacking scene in late 2005 with a SMB1 hack called Bowser vs Wario. He soon discovered Super Mario World hacking, and put his pixeling skills to work redrawing every one of the game's sprites in a more modern style. After several months work, he released SMWRedrawn, a graphics only hack that updates the look of SMW. Several hacks have since used it as a base. After this, he moved on to his first original hack, Mario's Lost World. He took a slight break from Lost World over Christmas in 2006 to work on a New Super Mario Bros. Remake, despite having never played the game he was remaking. Lost World's first demo was released on August 13, 2007.

After finding his way to SMWCentral, icegoom hung back for several months, posting little but downloading virtually every hack on the site. Eventually, he was promoted to moderator. His main duties are approving hacks and ROM Addresses, cleaning out junk reviews, and being lock-happy in the hacking forums. He's also way too patient with n00bs, but he'll surely be broken of this soon.



New Super Mario Bros Remake Demo 2

Mario's Lost World


icegoom's SMW Central profile

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