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These are the official IRC channels on sponsored by SMWC.



#smwc, is the official channel. It is hosted on The conversations that go on there can be about anything.


For those who want to focus mainly on Super Mario World hacking, there is another, somewhat less popular channel, #serioushax, which is also hosted on In this channel, conversations can be random, but are often about things such as ASM. It's possible to talk about general ROM hacking or homebrew ROMs in this channel, but keep in mind that most people in the channel only know 65c816 ASM.
Founded by Roy in August 2008 and technically not an official channel, but often regarded as one.


#imamusic is the successor to the now-defunct channels #lolmusic and #smwmusic. The channel is home to many of SMWC's music porters and people can go there to discuss porting, get feedback on their ports, request help, etc.


There is also a channel set up specifically for this wiki. The goal is to keep wiki chat out of #smwc and #serioushax. The channel has been changed to #smwiki.


There is another channel, started by K3fka and supported by Kieran, that has been set up to help users with web development and design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.), #html.


#radio, founded by Kieran, is for general discussions of the SMWC Radio (also known as Caffie Radio). Most of the DJs are present in this channel.

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