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Also known as

Maj0r Mayhem 37 (on Xbox Live)



Knows of

Basic ASM, most functions in Lunar Magic, reviewing stuff, various tools

Join date

August 6th, 2008


September 28th

Known For

Submitting the Firball Break block (not much else).

I8Strudel is member of SMW Central.

Though he had been a non-member that visited the site often in early 2008, I8Strudel officialy joined the site in August of 2008, oddly enough during an inactive period. He had been more active later in the year, but now he is an inactive user that slowly works on shorter length hacks, and occasionally tweaks custom blocks to retain his basic knowledge of ASM. His time is greatly taken up by his LPing (or Let's Plays) of other Super Mario World ROM hacks generally not found at SMWC. However, he has become more active recently and hopes to get some things done now.


Hacks To Date

Super Insane World

Started in December 2007, production halted June 2008.

Status: Cancelled

Mainly a test to discover Lunar Magic, this hack was planned to be a 7-world vanilla hack. The first setback was a loss of the ROM in February of 2008. After re-developing 9 levels in 2 worlds and with 3 worlds worth of OverWorld, I8Strudel's computer crashed, destroying the ROM. Though a makeshift reproduction resembling the first world is still in I8Strudel's possesion, the only public memory of this hack are 5 videos in a YouTube account, troyb8878. The truth was that the plot was horrible (details witheld) and that I8Strudel had no more need to test Lunar Magic. However, the best level ideas in this hack would be used in later hacks by I8Strudel.

The Forgotten Island

Started in November 2008, production halted in February 2009, continued in late March 2009.

Status: Completed May 2009, updated July 2009

I8Strudel was very inactive after stopping Super Insane World despite forming his account at that time. However, he was learning how to use various tools such as Spritetool, revXkas, and Carol's Addmusic. He started putting various custom materials into a ROM in late October 2008, but true production of the hack would not start until November after a good plot was formed.

Originally planned to be only 12 levels long with a secret powerup level being one of them, the hack was only a step above the quality of Super Insane World which, like most first hacks, had next to none. The first major improvements came along after 3 levels and most of the OverWorld had been made. Custom music was added, new sprites and powerups were added, and basic issues such as enemies walking on slanted lava and minor cutoff were fixed. The hack was slowly built up until February 2009, when it was frozen to allow for a vanilla hack contest level called 3 Trials.

However, the hack was almost cancelled when I8Strudel's old computer finally gave out. Luckily, a slightly outdated backup copy of the ROM was saved on a flash drive. This gave I8Strudel a chance to fix many large bugs, graphics issues, and areas of bad level design that he wasn't able to fix earlier. He also changed the status part of the screen. Beta testing started shortly after, and the hack was ready to be released in April. However, I8Strudel felt that it was too short to fit the plot and made 6 more levels, as well as updating the OverWorld.

Finally, at the 2009 Spring C3, The Forgotten Island was released but it sat in the "Hacks to be Moderated" section until June, where revisions were made afterwards to allow it in. An updated version was completed later that month, but also waited for many weeks in the "Hacks to be Moderated" section until August 25, 6 weeks later. Both versions are still available in the Hacks section today. A walkthrough was made by GameMan1984, but there are no completed Let's Plays of it (with commentary) to date.

While the level design and plot are considered to be exceptional, many people dislike the lack of custom graphics, the length of the levels (which is common of I8Strudel, a 'la 3 Trials) and sometimes the difficulty, which some people feel is too great. Still, it's clearly the better of I8Strudel's two submitted hacks.

3 Trials

Started February 2009

Status: Completed March 2009

I8Strudel was working on The Forgotten Island when the 2009 SMWC Vanilla Level Design Contest started. He decided to take a break from The Forgotten Island to make a level. But what would the level's theme be? He couldn't decide, so he made 3 Trials, which has nearly every level type you could think of. While it tied with many other levels at 12th place, it gave I8Strudel an idea on which of his level ideas worked and which didn't.

3 Trials is one level with 12 exits. Yes, there's 12, (3 normal, 3 secret, 3 bosses, and 3 switch palaces all in one level). It even has it's own challenge in which if one can find all 12 exits and tell where they are (either via text description or pictures or video), they get a userbar. So far only two people have reported finding all 12, but the challenge is still open.

Yes, an updated version of the level was submitted and accepted at SMWC, though many of the improvements intended didn't appear for a unknown reason. I8Strudel is currently creating a chocolate version with new music, graphics, palettes, an OverWorld, many bug fixes, and a level for each of the 3 trials, but current progress is slow.

Mario's Day Job

Started August 2009, producted halted October 2009

Status: Cancelled

After focusing on LPing for a while, I8Strudel wanted to make another hack, so he decided to return Mario to his day job: plumbing. Planned to have had 36-43 levels and 6 worlds (one acting as a central hub), this would have been I8Strudel's first "big" hack. He decided to focus on a more humorous plot, add more custom material, and make an overall better hack. However, a buildup of schoolwork gave I8Strudel two options: halt the hack until it could be worked on seriously, or give up LPing. Since he had much more people supporting him in LPing (he had become virtually unknown at SMWC due to inactivity at this point) that he decided the hack could wait. However, a new hack idea and lack of level design plans caused I8Strudel to ditch the hack entirely. It resulted in one public submittion though: the Cape Break block.

The WMS Project

"Started" October 2009, frozen Late 2009, continued and halted February 2010.

Status: Cancelled

This small 8-10 level hack was going to feature an odd gimmick: Things slowly becoming opposite of the norm (things walking backwards, swapped powerup graphics, etc.). Originally intended to be revealed at the Fall 2009 C3, the project ran way behind due to even more schoolwork taking up I8Strudel's time, thus it wasn't truly worked on until Febuary of 2010, when I8Strudel's workload decreased.

However, lack of ideas and poor quality sent this hack to the scrap heap, where it was gutted for any useful level ideas and palettes.

Chaos Crisis

Started February 2010, Frozen March 2010.

Status: Cancelled

Since the WMS Project was scrapped, I8Strudel planed to make a much longer hack. Though its length was never officially decided, there was probably going be more than 60 levels across more than 7 worlds. It would have used just about every type of custom material (though HDMA may not have been utilized). However, I8Strudel simply couldn't come up with ideas fast enough, so he cancelled the project and went on hacking hiatus.

Let's Plays

I8Strudel had been watching LPs since he started making The Forgotten Island, but it wasn't until a minor hacker by the YouTube account of MarioPlay3r asked him to LP his hack, Super Simple World, that I8Strudel started LPing. He started LPing Super Simple World on March 23, 2009.

After that, I8Strudel was looking for another less-known hack to LP when he came across DarkestIntellect (also known as YoshiNextGen on SMWC) through MarioPlay3r's channel. So far, I8Strudel has LP'd 5 hacks by DarkestIntellect, including Crazy Mario, Chomper's Island, ESPY, Mario Castaway, & Mario & The 4 Palaces.

I8Strudel has also LP'd 4 hacks by SuperSmashShows (aka PalerLaze), Piruzella World, Radical World, Iggy's Island, & The Mariotrix. I8Strudel has also LP'd other hacks including Evil Incarnate World (by CobaltArte & akki2koneko), Super Koopa World (by alancole64), Bowser's Ruins (by daboys121), and The Mystical Island (by nicknick293) to name a few.

Custom Blocks

I8Strudel has also made 4 ASM blocks to be used in BTSD:

1. "Anti-Fragile" A block that only breaks when small Mario touches it. 2. "Fireball Break" Breaks when hit by a fireball. 3. "Cape Break" Breaks hit Mario hits it with his cape. 4. "End Level & Add 1 Bonus Star" does what it says. There's two in this pack: one for normal exits, and the other for secret exits.

That's all for now. Hopefully more info, links, and pictures will be added in the future.

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