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Hyper, Chiara



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Ripping ExGFX

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Feb. 19, 1996

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currently nothing

"Probably gonna fill this up later"


HyperMario is an old user of SMWCentral. He has the user ID 1553. He is currently secretly working on some secret stuffs and such, he doesn't do anything except he only kills time.



After Koyuki discovered ROM Hacking (mainly, editors of other games), HyperMario tried his best to make a good level of Super Mario World. The only thing he can do at that time is to imitate SMB3 Levels due to low knowledge of SMW Hacking.

After that time, Koyuki showed more stuffs again (ExGFX, Custom Sprites) is his own hack. HyperMario quickly asked Koyuki on how did he do that thing. After that, HyperMario learned about the basics of SMW Hacking.

February 29, 2008: HyperMario decided to register on SMWCentral, as jed9876 (a fairly generic that he can think of). That time, he showed to people about his hack (which is now cancelled). Later that time, he became inactive because he is currently unaware of what the internet brings to people.

Later at 2010: He decided to return on SMWCentral, asking for a name change and he became quite active currently.

HyperMario on IRC

HyperMario is using Chiara as his nickname on IRC. He only uses his nickname HyperMario if he's not on his computer. You can mainly see HyperMario/Chiara on some IRC channels:

-#channel - TRS's Pokemon Online channel (and in-game Pokemon stuffs)

-#ExGFX - an ExGFX channel (mainly less activity)

-Gensokyo - a Touhou channel (mainly discussing and Soku battles)

-#hyperpower - HyperMario's own channel (for discussing anything they want)

-#serioushax - some ASM-ish or hacking channel (for asking about SMW Hacking)

-#smwc - official SMWC channel (random stuffs)


Koyuki - the only one that he can talk freely anytime, even on real-life (obviously). The connection between them can't be told to anyone (some users already know this) unless he is permitted to tell them.

Bluemoon - the one who introduced him on danmakufu and probably teached him the basics of danmakufu scripting.

Hadron - also one of his friends that he can talk to, freely.

and some more:


-PMW (paper mario world on SMWC)





and probably more that he forgot...

His Hacks

Super Mario World 2: in Mushroom Island - HyperMario's test hack.

Super Mario Bros. The Mushroom Island - HyperMario's first hack to be made but was cancelled due to some irregularity that happened in his hack.

Mario in Magical Islands - Another cancelled hack of HyperMario because of a rare glitch that he can't fix.

Super Mario Bros. 3 - The Secret Place - HyperMario's current in-progress hack.

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SMWC Profile

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#hyperpower on caffie.net

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