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Also known as

HFD and occasionally HuFlu



Knows of

ASM, Graphic Editing, some music, pretty much anything in LM

Join date



September 5, 1991

Known For

ASM, Karoshi Mario, Having idea's that have already been done by carol, addmusic4



HuFlungDu is an American hacker based in Olympia, Washington (United States). He joined in June of 2009, apparently to ask a question about making an RPG overworld, but he had found the site before that while looking for difficult (Kaizo) hacks to play (he didn't know what he was getting into). When he finally decided that he would make a hack of his own, he registered under his current name.

The Past

HuFlungDu was pretty inactive during his first few months on the site, only asking a few questions in the n00b SMW hacking corner, and not really being personable in any way. He left the site for a couple of months when he got bored of hacking and had to get a (short lived) job.

When he returned, he decided that everything he wanted to do for his hack would require some ASM knowledge, so he resolved to sit down and learn ASM one day. Then he got bored. Eventually, while he was lying in bed one day, the theory of ASM hacking came to him in a bit of an epiphany, causing him to literally jump out of bed and begin coding something that he wanted to make since he started hacking, and that thing turned out to be quite successful and is the corner stone of his main hack.


HuFlungDu has become a fairly accomplished coder since then, creating mostly patches for other users, mostly as fulfillments of requests. His first successful patch released was a Wall Jump patch, which would allow you to jump off any solid object. It was the first of this kind that was consistent enough to be used in a regular hack, where most waljumps in hacks before that were usually accomplished by using Ersanio's walljump blocks.

Sometime in March, 2010, HuFlungDu decided to finally expand his ASM horizons to allow for the creation of custom sprites. He unwittingly created a Donkey Kong Country Barrel sprite, thinking he was being creative, but it was pointed out to him later that sonikku had already made such a sprite. HuFlungDu claims that his is better due to the fact that it is dynamic and can shoot you in many different directions, but is quite embarrassed that he created yet another thing that someone else had already done. He plans for the barrel to be part of an entire sprite pack, containing all kinds of barrels from DKC, but he has been too lazy to actually make them.

As the userbox suggests, HuFlungDu is plagued with coming up with previously used idea's, most of which were done by Carol in Brutal Mario. Some of the ideas are (but are not limited to):
Inverted Gravity
Mine Cart Race
Explodable Land Masses
A sprite that you have to feed in order to keep it from eating you
And, most recently and most upsetting, an RPG style level system where powers are gained through an altered score counter, which is experience. However, HuFlungDu feels justified in that he created it before Carol ever did.

During February 2011, HuFlungDu released his addmusic4, which is an edit of Romi's addmusic. This version of addmusic fixes echo values and is compatible with accurate emulators and the real SNES hardware.

The Present

HuFlungDu is currently a lightly well known user who is attempting to branch out from just SMW hacking and be more sociable, even to the point of visiting the IRC channel #serioushax on a regular basis. He hasn't gone as far as to visit #SMWC though, because that channel scares him.

The Future

HuFlungDu really doesn't have too many plans for the future. He hopes to have his hack "Fatty Gone Walkabout" released sometime within the next year or so, but he thinks the odds of that happening are slightly low. However, he does feel optimistic that there will be a demo released within the next few months.

The Hacks

HuFlungDu is still working on his first hack "Fatty Gone Walkabout", which is said to be one of the strangest hacks in production, but he sees that as a positive thing. He has, however, released a hack called "Karoshi Mario", in which the objective is to kill yourself. This was done as a reprieve from working on his main hack, and, as such, even though he has gotten quite a few requests to make a sequel, HuFlungDu will probably not be making another one.

During C3 Spring, 2010, HuFlungDu released a joke hack called "Drive the desert bus", which was a top down scroller clone of the mini game "Desert Bus" on the sega CDI game "Penn and Teller's smoke & mirrors". The hack got a pretty good response from the user base, but was overshadowed by "Super Fuck World", which was released by AbsentMinistrator during the same C3. The hack has officially been released on the site with mixed reviews. Anyone who gets the joke seems content with it, even to the point of extending the joke themselves with "joke reviews" claiming it to be the most amazing thing of all time. HuFlungDu also gets quite a kick out of all the people who don't get the joke.

The Real Life

In real life, HuFlungDu is studying computer science at the evergreen state college in Olympia, Washington, where he is a senior and should be graduating within the next year. He likes weird B-movies, his favorites including "Cannibal! The musical" and "Army of Darkness".

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