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Picture of a Hothead.
Hothead sprite.

A Hothead is a much bigger version of a Spark. For many years, Super Mario World 1 was the only game it appeared in, but then it made a comeback in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an item.

Its only appearances in the original game were in the second section of Wendy O's castle and Room #4 of Front Door. It acts just like a regular Spark, but it moves much slower and can blink. It can be killed by Koopa shells and invincibility.

Hacking information

  • It is sprite A6.
  • It's ground-guided, and will move either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on its X position. (Lunar Magic actually helps you out in that aspect by making it face the direction it'll rotate in.)
  • The sprite requires SP3 to be GFX12. Only the top half of the sprite and its eyes exist; the bottom half is made by Y-flipping the top.
  • The fireball is stored at positions 40C-40F and 41C-41F (in Lunar Magic ≥1.7's 8×8 editor). The open eyes are at 409, while the closed eyes are at 419.
  • This sprite uses Palette A.

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