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A big bottomless pit you can cross when the Yellow Switch Palace is activated

Also known as bottomless pits, they are one of the most common obstacles in the Mario universe. If you fall in it you're doomed to die even if you are big or have a star activated. Also, one of the most common uses for it is right where you would normally need to stand. Some levels may have huge holes in them that require you to use a P-switch or bounce off of Koopas to get over, or you need one of the switch palaces activated.

Avoiding death

To avoid falling into a bottomless pit, you need to be good at jumping from platform to platform. This becomes easier with the cape powerup. If you're falling into a bottomless pit regardless, and you have a Yoshi, and there's a platform nearby, you can ditch Yoshi (by hitting the spinjump button) to give yourself a boost to the air and reach the platform.

Hacking Information

Holes are no kind of sprite or object in Lunar Magic or in Super Mario World, just the lack of sprites or objects at the bottom of the screen. Holes activate the "death" game mode and by standard take away all power-ups and one extra life but doesn't take away the powerup in the reserve box, although an ASM code patch has been created to activate one of the screen exits when falling down them. In vertical levels holes work properly.


  • Dropping a pressed P-switch into a hole before it disappears will cause it to respawn back where you originally found it, like it was never pressed.
  • If Mario jumps off of a Yoshi right before he dies in the hole, he'll start riding Invinci-Yoshi.
  • If Mario jumps off of Yoshi near the bottom of a hole while an item is stuck to Yoshi's tongue, that sprite will end up in Mario's hands. In addition, the game will act like the item despawned and respawn another one wherever you originally got it from. This can be repeated for however many Yoshis you have at your disposal.
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