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Hexadecimal is the numbering system commonly used in ROM hacking. It uses 16 different digits, as opposed to the 10 that we are more familiar with.

It uses the digits 0-9, and then the letters A-F, with F = 15 and 10 = 16.

When bringing up hex notation on SMW Central, it's helpful to precede your hex number with "0x" to avoid confusion; this is the notation most commonly used throughout the world of hacking and computing. .ASM files use "$" to indicate a hex number. If you're making a custom layout on SMWC and want to change the colors of your text, the "#" sign is used to begin a hex number in HTML and CSS.


  • "Editing the title screen is a two-part process; you have to go into Lunar Magic's Title Screen Editor within the Overworld Editor, then edit Level 0xC7."
  • "A fatal exception has occurred at 0x358925BA294A3."
  • LDA $FFFFFF STA $000000 RTS
  • .smwikithingy {color: #FF0000;}


In the world of ASM hacking and programming, the following categories are used when dealing with hexadecimal numbers:

  • A one or two digit hexadecimal number is called a byte.
  • A three or four digit hexadecimal number is called a word.
  • A five or six digit hexadecimal number is called a long.
  • A seven or eight digit hexadecimal number is called a dword.

Other information

Upper-cased hexadecimal numbers which contains digits A-F are generally easier to read than lower-cased A-F.

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