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Also known as

zigil1 (YouTube)



Knows of

Nice level design, good custom music choice, experienced palette editing.

Join date

October 10th, 2008


March 24th, 1993

Known For

Creator of "The Big Boo's Legion", a featured hack at SMWC.

Hadron is a quite active user and staff member at SMW Central, with the user ID 3570. He's the only active Hungarian user at the moment. First met with Super Mario World in February 2008, then played a lot with it on emulator. Hadron found SMW Central by a YouTube video about an SMW hack level, but he didn't register for a few months, just downloaded hacks. After joining in October 2008 , he wasn't too active for a while, but around January 2009 he started learning the use of SMW hacking utilities (such as Lunar Magic, Romi's Spritetool, Addmusic RevX), and his English knowledge improved a lot. Interested for many things in the world, and tries to be helpful and kind. On february 2011 he was promoted to hack moderator and is still in the staff team nowadays.


Real life

Hadron is a 17 year old Hungarian student, who attends the 10th grade in the high school. His real name is Attila (first name), which can sound strange for foreign people (for obvious reasons), but it's a pretty popular first name in Hungary. He really likes to be in the nature, talk and hang out with friends, play on the piano, make excursions and tours. His other big hobby is listening to music, mostly to progressive rock, electronic music, techno and video game music. He also like to do various sports, like football, swimming and running. He isn't too picky in food, but pancake is his favorite.

Hadron knows pretty many custom SMW musics, so he decided to make a list on YouTube of his favorites. Here is the link to the playlist.


The Big Boo's Legion

After about 4 months of registering Hadron decided to make a "serious" hack, with story, custom graphics etc. 3 months later, the Big Boo's Legion has been released on the Spring 2009 C3.

The Big Boo's Legion Title Screen

The hack got removed by the moderators twice because of minor problems. But after the third try (on 2009.06.25.), it has been accepted, and in a short time featured. People's opinions about the hack were "The level design is amazing and fun.", "good plot", "great and fitting custom graphics and music" etc.


  • 10 levels (1 secret exit)
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom musics
  • Custom blocks, sprites


The Toads lived in Mushroom Land in peace. But the Big Boo attacked the Toads' village with his huge legion! Mario, the big hero of Mushroom Land must save them.

Fun facts

  • The all reason of Big Boo is being the main boss, that Hadron didn't want to put Bowser in the story (because he's the main boss in almost every hacks), but he couldn't make a custom boss for the hack. So the Big Boo boss was the best choice.
  • Hadron didn't know too much about editing Map16 pages in the "early months", that's the reason, that some levels in the hack use vanilla graphics. Originally Hadron planned to make every levels totally non-vanilla, but he was "forced" to use them.


The Big Boo's Legion 2: The Curse of the Magic Wand

Featuring the first part gave Hadron a lot of motivation to create a sequel. In July 2009 he started to plan the story, the levels and the characters of the second part. He uncovered the hack on the Fall 2009 C3 in this thread. It got a lot of positive feedbacks, both on the trailer and the screenshots.

Release date: unknown.

The Big Boo's Legion 2: The Curse of the Magic Wand title screen


  • Exciting story
  • Quite complex and long levels
  • Many custom graphics
  • HDMA on many levels
  • Custom sprites, blocks
  • Well used custom musics


After the happenings of the first part, Mario thought, he can live with the Toads in peace. The Old Toad's family is having a great party in their little village. But once the Old Toad calls Mario, and tells him, that they're in trouble again: somebody stole his ancient, mystic Magic Wand. His relatives found the Wand about hundreds of years ago, and he thought, that the Wand is a representative of a huge, ancient power, but he never used it. If someone gets it, his power will be unbelievable, and who knows, who stole it. Mario is starting an adventure again, for finding the Magic Wand and keep the peace in Mushroom Land again.



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