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Pixel art, 'hachspeak'

Hach is 'such a manchUild', and was a local mod at SMWC who was promoted in April 2009. He registered on August 23rd, 2007. His functions, as of November 2009, included moderating the SMWC production forum, the "Hot off the Press" forum, news, hack reviews, hacks and ExGFX. He was demoted on 28th December 2009, but he soon returned the staff team on 25th January 2010, and he moderated the Reality Corner, and the SMWC Production forum.

Hach was recently demoted due to inactivity, most likely caused by real life stuff. This has yet to be confirmed.

He can usually be found on the IRC, sometimes sporting a wacky name including, but not limited to, the word "vore(s)", various manchild memorabilia and/or hunks.

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