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Grinders are spinning circular saws which are found in castles. They either follow pre-set paths formed by dotted line guides, or else they run forward along the floor with only their top halves sticking out.

A line-guided Grinder in Forest Fortress

Line-guided Grinders are invulnerable to all of Mario's attacks, even stars, and Yoshi cannot eat them. The floor-guided ones can be taken out with stars, or by sliding, which can be seen in the level Forest Fortress. (Killing them in this manner causes a glitched frame to appear.)

A Grinder, as seen ingame.

Hacking information

Line-guided Grinders are sprite 67, and floor-guided ones are sprite B4. They use grey palette 9. Their graphics will only show up correctly if the castle sprite set is used. (SP3=12) The line-guided ones will move to the left or right depending on their x position.

Related ROM Addresses

  • x0DDBF Ground-guided Grinder tilemap
  • xDE28 Line-guided Grinder tilemap

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