Green Switch Palace

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Super Mario World Level
Green Switch Palace
Green Switch Palace.png
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 8, C9
Notes It is accessed by finding the secret key exit in Donut Plains 2. Once the switch is pressed, you may not enter again but you will fill in all the dotted green blocks which will give you a Feather.
Green Switch Palace
Donut Plains 2
List of Levels

The Green Switch Palace is a small palace found on the west side of the Donut Plains, which is unlocked by finding the secret exit in Donut Plains 2 in Super Mario World. Unlike the Yellow Switch Palace, this palace has enemies. This level cannot be replayed after it has been completed.


Like the last palace, this also consists of two rooms and has 200 seconds on the Timer to complete. The first room has two floors. While Mario may just use the above platform and take the pipe to the second room, which has the green ! Switch, there is also the option to hit the P-Switch and use a Red Koopa Shell to defeat the Koopa Troopas. When all Koopa Troopas are hit at once, Mario gets a 1-Up Mushroom. The second room contains nothing except the Green ! Switch which can be activated by jumping on it.

Gameplay Effects

When the Green Switch is hit, all green Dotted Line Blocks turn to ! Blocks of the same color, which contain Feathers when hit. In later castles, a single green ! Block often appears before the boss door, giving Mario or Luigi one more power-up before facing a Koopaling. These blocks also help the player progress through the levels by filling in some gaps.

Levels with Green ! Blocks

Green ! Blocks can be found in these levels:

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