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A green star block ( GRNSTRBLK.png ), also known as The Bonus Block will give Mario a 1-Up Mushroom if he previously collected 30 coins in the level before hitting the block. Otherwise, it'll only give him a single coin.

Hacking Information

  • It is extended object 17 in Lunar Magic.
  • It is object 12D in the Map16 pages.
  • The block requires FG2; its graphics are stored in GFX17.
  • The tiles are BE, D7, F6, and F7.
  • The object uses Palette 5, and layer priority is disabled.

Relevant ROM Addresses

  • x013AC, SNES: $00:91AC - The number of coins needed to get a 1-Up Mushroom (1 byte).
  • x07376, SNES: $00:F176 - The general code for this object. (131 bytes).
  • x73E9, SNES: $00:F1E9 - FG/BG Tileset in which coin question blocks' behavior are changed for the 3-block 1up bonus game.
  • x73EA, SNES: $00:F1EA - Change from F0 0D to EA EA to disable the 3-block 1up bonus game, allowing you to use coin question blocks in levels with the switch palace tileset (4), and freeing up the 5 bytes at RAM address $13F4 for custom use.


  • Green star blocks are one of the six kinds of blocks in Super Mario World that can be duplicated if hit by a carriable sprite at the right angle.
  • The six bouncing blocks (turn blocks, ? blocks, translucent blocks, note blocks, ON/OFF switches, and green star blocks) have a set of four slots for their data, which is cycled through when any block is hit. If a green star block uses one of these and the slots are cycled through fast enough to replace its slot while it's still being used, the green star block will not become a brown used block and instead remain a green star block, which can be hit again to get a second coin or 1-up from it. The same result happens with turn blocks and ? blocks.
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