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A typical grassland.
Grasslands are a genre of level that are usually grassy, outdoor levels, with plain foreground themes.

In Super Mario World, grasslands were very common throughout every world, being the most numerous type of level. The Yoshi's Island and Donut Plains worlds were grassland themed, and the Chocolate Island region also had many levels fitting into this general category. In fact, only Valley of Bowser and Star World did not contain grassland levels.

Common Elements

A basic obstacle in a grassland.

The foreground for grasslands uses GFX15 in slot FG3. This foreground was the most used type in the original SMW, as it works with all 8 default foreground palettes, and is versatile in its style.

Grasslands may feature elements from all types of levels and just about any type of gimmick and sprite, and differ from world to world. However, they typically include flat land and gentle slopes, numerous pipes and coins, basic enemies such as Koopas, and bigger enemies like Charging Chucks.

In Hacking

SMW hackers often will use general grassland levels to fill up their hacks in between more creative, challenging levels. Since grasslands are often the most commonly occurring type of level in many hacks, the versatility of grasslands should be played upon to create a unique experience that replaces a boring level in between fun levels, with a unique challenge to keep the player on their toes. However, hacks abundant in grass levels may become boring due to lack of solid gameplay. It is up to the hacker to create grasslands with new gimmicks and aesthetics to keep the levels fresh and enjoyable.

A notable example of a hack containing grassland levels that are fresh and fun is The Second Reality Project Reloaded. Hacks such as this use unique colors, graphics, music, sprite combination, and gimmicks to keep the player entertained.

Grassland themed levels in SMW

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