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Mario holding an immobile Goomba.

Goombas are a race of evil mushrooms (chestnuts in Japan) from the Mario series of games who fight on the side of Bowser.


General information

Goombas typically consist of a mushroom-shaped head piece, a white stem body, and two brown feet. They have faces with two eyes, "grouchy" eyebrows, and a mouth with two fangs protruding from the lower jaw. In most games, a single stomp will flatten them. In Super Mario World, however, Goombas are more spherical in shape, and stomping them will merely stun them. Afterwards, Mario can carry them around to throw at other foes. If he carries them for too long, they will snap out of their stupor and punch his lights out.

Super Mario World also has three other varieties of Goombas. Winged Goombas jump around, slowly following Mario. If he stomps them once, they lose their wings and become normal Goombas. Para-Goombas are Goombas that parachute in out of sky. Once they land or are stomped, they change into normal Goombas. There are also Goombas that float in Bubbles. If Mario is underneath of a bubble when it pops, the Goomba might fall on his head. Some special turn blocks can hide Goombas (among other creatures), who'll burst out when Mario gets too close.

The goomba's current form.

In Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (the Game Boy Advance remake), Goombas may take on a new look. Upon passing the Special World and causing the overworld palette swap, they don a pair of sunglasses.

Hacking information

Goombas and Winged Goombas are global creatures and can be used in any sprite set without fear, although the parachuting and bubble variations are limited to use with the forest sprite set (GFX02). Goombas will not turn around to stop from falling off a cliff, so keep this in mind when placing them on ledges.

A bubbled Goomba.

Squishable Goombas in Super Mario World

Classic "squishable" Goombas can be added to Super Mario World in two ways. One is to simply insert the Classic Goomba sprite that comes with Sprite Tool. This allows squishable Goombas and carryable Goombas to both be used.

The other method is slightly more complicated and replaces all carryable Goombas with squishable Goombas. This can be desireable if one wishes for Winged Goombas and Para-Goombas to yield squishable Goombas or if the flipping animation of the Classic Goomba doesn't look right with custom graphics.

First, the Goomba must be modified with Mario World Reconfigurator or Sprite Tweaker. "Can be jumped on" and "Dies when jumped on" must be checked. This creates a squishable Goomba, but its flattened graphics will be glitched up as part of a wing tile mirrored. In order to correct this, a hex editor must be used. The tile used by a squished Goomba is stored at ROM Address 0x0E933. By default, the value here is C7. This is usually changed to 38 to make use of an unused 5-UP tile.

Related ROM Addresses


ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x09DA8 $01:9BA8 Goomba Tilemap (2 walk frames, 1 unused turning frame) [AA A8 A8]
x0E933 $01:E733 Tile used by stomped Goomba. [C7]
x0AC29 $01:AA29 Stun timer for Goombas, Buzzy Beetles, Mechakoopas, Bob-ombs flower. [FF]
x085A0 $01:83A0 Sprites inside exploding turn block (Cheep Cheep, Goomba, Shell-less Green Koopa, Green Koopa) [15 0F 00 04]

Winged Goomba

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x0A9D9 $01:A7D9 Sprite spawned from stomping a Winged Goomba (Goomba) [0F]
x08FE1 $01:8DE1 Tiles used by Goomba Wings (2 frames up, 2 frames down) [C6 C6 5D 5D]
x08FDF $01:8DDF Palette/GFX page/Priority/Flip of Goomba Wing Tiles [46 06]
x08FE5 $01:8DE5 Size of Goomba Wing tiles (00 = 8x8, 02 = 16x16) [02 02 00 00]


ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x0A9DA $01:A7DA Sprite spawned from Para-Goomba (Goomba) [0F]
x09D9A $01:9B9A Para-Goomba Tilemap (4 bytes front view, 4 bytes swing left, 4 bytes swing right, 2 bytes parachute) [A3 A3 B3 B3 E9 E8 F9 F8 E8 E9 F8 F9 E2 E6]

Bubble Goomba

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x15BA1 $02:D9A1 Sprites spawned from Bubbles (Goomba, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Mushroom) [0F 0D 15 74]
x15AA1 $02:D8A1 Tiles used by sprites in Bubbles (2 animation frames with 2 bytes in them. Order: Goomba, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Mushroom) [A8 CA 67 24 AA CC 69 24 84]
x15AA9 $02:D8A9 Palette/GFX Page Table of Sprites in bubbles (2 animation frames with 2 bytes in them. Order: Goomba, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Mushroom) [84 85 05 08 8B 4B AB 20]

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