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Goal Tape

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GFX01 (SP2)



The Goal Tape is used to end the majority of levels in both Super Mario World and ROM hacks. It is, and should always be, used with the Giant Gate. The tape can activate the Normal Exit or Secret Exit of levels.

The tape will move up and down the Giant gate. The higher the tape is when Mario hits it, the more Bonus Stars he will collect. If he hits the tape at the very peak of the Giant Gate, Mario will receive 50 Bonus Stars and a 3-up.

Extra Lives

The following are known methods for getting extra lives from the Goal Tape:

  • Hit it at the top of the Giant Gate.
  • Carry a Baby Yoshi or Key past it, or carry an item that gives you a powerup while your current powerup and reserve item are the same. (For example, carry a Springboard past the Goal Tape when you're Caped, and your reserve item is a Mushroom, you get a cape; if both are Cape, you get a 1-up instead.)
  • Hit it when the tens and ones digit of your time are equal to the tens digit of your Bonus Stars. (example: 133 on the timer when your bonus stars are 30 gets you a 1-up.)


Goal Tapes do not work very well in vertical levels. They can only be used on screens 0 and 1, and will disappear on all other screens. Since the Goal Sphere sprite triggers the level end the same way Goal Tapes do, using a Goal Tape in a vertical level will cause the screen to freeze without Mario doing his level clear walk, as the Goal Sphere will do, only with the normal level clear music. It doesn't affect anything, though; he'll still get Bonus Stars and all that other stuff. Likewise, putting a Goal Sphere in a horizontal level uses the level clear walk and play the boss defeated music. If you must have a level end in a vertical level, it is advised you use a Goal Sphere instead of a Goal Tape. Otherwise, add an exit to another sublevel that is horizontal and contains the Goal Tape.

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