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Also known as


16 years

Knows of

Making ASM gimmicks using LevelASM

Join date

February 19th, 2010


January 30

Known For

Being permabanned for long time, making joke hacks

GlitchMr is a user of SMW Central. He has many canceled hacks. He knows some ASM, but he doesn't know how to make custom sprites.


While the join date doesn't say it, he has lurked on SMWC since November 23rd, 2008. He made an account on SMWC much later, because then his hacking abilities were near zero.


GlitchMr created an account when his hacking abilities were pretty good (but in his opinion, he was still a newbie then). He also made his first hack which he released on the first day of March - Mario on Holiday. It was a pretty newbie hack, while it had some custom graphics and music, it wasn't anything awesome.

After he released Mario on Holiday, he decided to make some random hack quickly. He went through the Hack Submission Guidelines, and made a quick hack in one day - Teh Hack. While it was for sure better than Mario on Holiday, it wasn't anything special. As time went by, he began showing annoying behavior on the central, until in April he got the following message from Roy.

As you may or may not have noticed, we, the SMWCentral staff team as a whole, have been getting a bit tired of your often random and moreso off-topic responses to threads, such as this (the link where it leaded is now not available for normal users). I don't know if you're trying to be funny, if that's your kind of humour, or anything, but to us it's extremely annoying. And then I'm not even speaking of the 'interesting' requests you made, or what about the joke patch. That is the past, though. So yeah. We'd prefer you would calm down, and that you put some sense in your posts. If you don't do this, then I'm afraid there will be consequences. Thanks in advance.

Of course GlitchMr pretty much didn't care about the content of this message. After some time in May, he got permabanned from SMWC - until January 2011. He tried reregging, but his reregs got quickly banned.

He was still hacking SMW, through.


After some time, he secretly connected to CaffieNET without joining any official channels. At first it was just #teamjokehack, after that he joined other unofficial channels like #idle, #TGH. He also joined #smwcp, because it was inactive as usual. He also made a board to discuss An Anti SMWC Production.

When SMWCP2 started, the information about this channel appeared on the main page of SMW Central. SNN joined this channel and GlitchMr didn't know what to do. GlitchMr requested to K-Line him, but SNN said that it's not a big deal that he is on the channel.

GlitchMr after a few days asked SNN about the possibility of getting unbanned. Surprisingly, he got unbanned.

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