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A glitch is an event that occurs in a game that was not meant to happen.

Examples in SMW

  • Eating two or more enemies or items with Baby Yoshi before he swallows the first enemy may cause him to eat an extra enemy (meaning, if he eats two enemies fast enough, the game may count three).
  • Grabbing an item while on a net or vine.
  • Carrying a Throw Block into a pipe, which make the block never disappear.
  • Cloning a spin block (or any other block hittable from below) by hitting it in the right way with a shell, a baby Yoshi, etc.
  • Jumping off a P-switch during the one frame you're standing on it.
  • Eating a pressed P-switch with Yoshi to get another normal one, or bringing the pressed P-switch through a pipe.
  • Releasing a key then jumping off of it and grabbing it at the same time in the air. (Key Jump)
  • Crouching in a one block hole as big Mario and then spin jumping to go through the ground.
  • Same as above, but just standing up instead of spin jumping will cause Mario to slowly slide left.
  • Hitting a wall while going downward and jumping in the one frame when Mario "catches" the wall (at 16px increments). (Walljump)
  • Entering a door/pipe during the one frame you're standing on a P-switch.
  • Hitting 5 Turnblocks at once while spinjumping down a large area of turnblocks with a cape (ex. Star World 1). Only 4 turnblocks can turn at a time, so any more will stop another turnblock from turning. If it happens to be the one behind Mario, Mario will be sent flying downwards through the blocks very quickly, until he stops hitting turnblocks.
  • Block Proliferation: Rapid copying of an item from an item box. This will happen in one of three ways:
    • Getting an item between two solid blocks, one of them being an unhit item block.
    • Hitting a block with two or more objects on the activation frames.
    • Hitting a block with Mario's cape on the same frame that something freezes the game, including a Message Box, a growing Yoshi, or collecting a Fire Flower.
  • Flying with an item. This will happen if Mario grabs an item while he is actually flying (not when he is soaring up).
  • Flying on Yoshi. This will happen if Mario lands on Yoshi (without touching the ground) while flying.
    • Will also happen if Mario is flying with Yoshi, hits a ceiling, gets off Yoshi, and quickly gets back on.
  • Flying against a ceiling. If you catch air on the same frame that Mario passes the corner of a solid block, he will stick the the bottom of that block and not fall down until he reaches the end of the ceiling (or you press down).
  • Turning while flying. Pressing Y while flying will cause Mario to spin. Mario may end up facing the other direction.
  • Continuing flying after entering a door. To do this, Mario must enter a door on the same frame he hits the ground after flying. In the next room, Mario can continue flying if he jumps on the same frame he enters the room on.
  • 6/5 Speed, (AKA. the running glitch): To do this, after gaining full momentum, hold RIGHT for 6 frames, then let go for 5 frames. Repeat. Using this will speed Mario up more than regular running.
  • Hopping Glitch. Jumping as soon as you land on the ground (~3 frames before) will preserve your speed, and is faster than straight running.

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