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The Giant Gate, also known plainly as the Goal, is the object used to allow Mario to finish a level, and return to the map screen. They can either trigger the
One of the many Giant Gates that appear at the ends of levels.
normal exit or the secret exit. It is exclusive to Super Mario World; all other games in the Mario Bros. series use flagpoles.

Hacking Information

The giant gate is usually, and should be kept at 9 blocks high, but can be lengthened or shortened. While the gate's height can be altered, the Goal Tape Sprite's movement can not, and altering the gate's height will cause it to either go off the top of the gate or not go high enough. Also, the giant gate comes with two garbage tiles at the bottom of it. These are to be covered up by the land it is resting on, and not be revealed, or else it looks bad. It is also possible to use ExGFX to cover up the tiles, or fix the tiles it is using.

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