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Ghost Houses, as implied by the name, are haunted by Boos.
A Ghost House is a type of level in Super Mario World that takes place in a mansion overrun by Boos, Eeries and other ghostly enemies. Yoshi is not allowed to enter these levels.

In the original Super Mario World, there are six Ghost Houses, four of which have secret exits. Only Choco-Ghost House and Vanilla Ghost House have no secret exits. Sunken Ghost Ship is also Ghost House themed.

Common Elements

Another Ghost House, this one featuring the large green gas bubbles.
Ghost Houses are dimly lit and are usually very confusing, with multiple exits that sometimes take Mario or Luigi back to the beginning of the level. Doors are used instead of pipes for transportation from room to room, which prevents Mario from taking items into other areas. As they are houses, these levels feature more complicated foreground features than regular levels, such as staircases, platforms supported by pillars, cobwebs, and clocks. The houses are built from wood and brick, with a distinct older architectural style.

In Hacking

Ghost Houses are used for complicated puzzles, sometimes even requiring an unlimited time limit. It is also common to hide secret exits in obscure locations, and utilize some of the more unusual custom sprites and blocks available.

Ghost house themed levels in SMW

Vanilla Ghost House, located in World 3.

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