GearboxGoober's 4 Level Hack

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GearboxGoober's 4 Level Hack
Author(s): GearboxGoober
Latest Version: 1.0
Levels: 4
Production Status: Scapped

GearboxGoober's 4 Level Hack is a medium-hard difficulty vanilla hack by SMW Central user GearboxGoober. This hack is scrubbed now.



This hack has very little emphasis on the story. The basic plot is that Bowser kidnapped the Princess Toadstool and hid her in a castle only accessible by hitting three switches and crossing a bridge to him.


The idea of this hack came from Gearbox watching some beautifully designed vanilla hacks on youtube and the inspiration to finally make a hack. It was started in March 2010.


Upon starting the game, the player goes to the title screen which presents the title of the game - GearboxGoober's 4 Level Hack, the author, and the year the hack was made. The title screen level is changed, but is not an actual level playable in the game to prevent giving away a level.


After selecting a file and the intro screen, the player is transported to the overworld. The overworld is a very basic island with trees, and other overworld features. The player can select from any of the 4 levels right from the start, but must complete the 3 main levels in order to complete the final castle. GearboxGoober choose this type of non-linear level selection to avoid the hassle of overworld events, which is Gearbox's Achilles' heel, and to give it some sort of non-linear style. There is only one world to this short hack but has a variety of different types of levels.


There are 4 levels in this hack, each with a different theme.

Ascending The Forest and Clouds

This level is split into two halves. The first section is a basic forest theme based on Yoshi's Island 2. The second section (accessed by the pipe at the end of the first half) is a sky theme (Butter Bridge 2) and is filled with flying enemies, bullets, and small jumps. This part is meant to be challenging. The final pipe leads to the Blue Switch Palace.

Frozen Lake

This level is an ice level (Awesome) and takes place on a frozen tundra. This leads to the Red Switch Palace.

Inferno Under The Sea

This level is another two-part level and starts off in an underwater swimming level and then changes to a cave filled with lava and the passage to the Yellow Switch Palace.

Bowser's Palace

The is Bowser's Castle. The player must make sure to do the other 3 level prior to doing starting this level because the castle will be unbeatable.


GearboxGoober's 4 Level Hack uses standard, vanilla Super Mario World music.

Fun Facts

  • There is a secret passage in the swimming section of Inferno Under The Sea that involves a puzzle and vine jumping in order to reach a 3-up moon.

Links to Videos & Screen shots

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