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Gamma V

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The V



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December 15, 2010


December 21, 1983

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Gamma V, originally know as The V, is a female SMW hacker from the United States. She first discovered Lunar Magic when she felt the urge to experiment with editing levels in a Mario ROM. After a while, she created her first hack, Super Mario Starlight, which was little more than a collection of blatant level edits. It was frowned upon by the SMW hacking community for this reason. After quitting for a few weeks due to the poor reception of Starlight, she was prompted to go back while browsing ACMLM'S Board. Her second hack, Super Mario Starlight DX, contained new levels, but was destroyed by a glitch of unknown origin that caused water to behave like a ledge once Mario surfaced. Unable to fix the problem and not considering the possibility of porting her levels to a new ROM, she canceled the hack and almost quit hacking again. Once again, she started from scratch and created Super Mario Starlight Remix. This hack had all-new levels, but no custom graphics or custom overworld. It was still poorly-received, causing The V to quit hacking for a while.

Though she was no longer making hacks, she still wanted to contribute to the community and redeem her reputation. She learned how to create and insert ExGFX and started creating sets. The earliest sets were compilations of graphics from other games that had been remapped to be compatible with the default SMW palettes. Future sets began to include hand-drawn graphics and graphics made from clipart downloaded from the internet. Many of these sets eventually found their way into some high-profile hacks like SMW2+3: The Essence Star.

While playing around with a newly-constructed castle tileset, The V was pulled back into hacking and pulled back into Starlight Remix. Super Mario Starlight Remix 2.0 contained custom graphic and improvements on the previous hack's levels, but no truly custom overworld. This hack fared much better than her previous attempts, but was nowhere as good as other hacks on the site. This prompted the V to learn overworld editing and try her hand at another hack. The result of this was Super Mario Bros. 5, a hack that used Demo World as a base and contained graphics from Super Mario World Redrawn. A 2-world demo was released in early 2007. The hack was eventually canceled due to recurring Hacker's Block. The V quietly left the SMW Central community, but wouldn't stay away forever.

In the late summer of 2009, The V's interest in hacking began to return when she saw a Let's Play of Super Mario Starlight Remix 2.0 on YouTube. She Googled the hack and was led back to SMW Central. There, she began downloading various hacks, the first of which was Essence Star. This hack caused her to get ideas for a hack of her own which wouldn't involve another "Save the Princess" plot. While the idea was there, she never considered actually making the hack until late 2010.

Throughout November of 2010, The V honed her pixel art skills by creating pixel models of the Robot Masters from the Mega Man series. This continued until a loss of internet access cut her off from references for further models. Still wanting to make pixel art, she decided to go back into making custom SMW graphics, starting with a palm tree. The palm tree became the basis for an entirely original tileset with a tropical island/beach theme. She then decided to rejoin SMW Central under the username of Gamma V, a reference to her original username and her love of E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure. Shortly after registering, she submitted her island/beach tileset, which didn't take too long to be approved by moderators and placed in the ExGFX database. She also began work on Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn, a total revamp of her canceled 2007 hack. The hack began as a hack that, aside from the custom graphics and custom blocks from its Demo World base, was vanilla. As the work progressed, more chocolate was added as she learned Xkas patching, custom sprite insertion, and custom music insertion. She hopes that, through SMB5R, she can create her dream hack.

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