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Also known as

fsvgm, fsv, Luxmas (in December), Alucard666 (in October 2010)



Knows of

Luxembourgish, French, German, English, a bit of Spanish
Some video game references

Join date

August 28th, 2009


October 30th, 1991

Known For

Currently being the only Luxembourger on SMW Central

fsvgm777, with real first name Stéphane, joined SMW Central on August 28th, 2009 at 08:16:12 AM CET (Central European Time). He posts from time to time in the forums, but is slightly more active on the IRC.



fsvgm777 was born on October 30th, 1991 in Luxembourg-City (referenced as the city from this point on). He lives very close to the train station in Kleinbettingen (west of the city), a village in Luxembourg close to the Belgian border ever since his childhood. However, he inherited the Belgian nationality first, as his father was Belgian and his mother Luxembourgian. At age 12, he received the Luxembourgish identity, as he got an identity card stating that he was a Luxembourger.

During his school career, at some point during 8ème ST (secondaire technique, basically middle class), his class regent told him that he should go to Vème moderne (basically high class) the following school year, as he had very good (heck, even excellent) marks. After the Easter holidays, he was sent one week into a VIème moderne class (note: enseignement (secondaire) classique/moderne goes from VIIème to Ière, with the difference that pupils in enseignement secondaire classique have Latin as a subject as well). After 8ème ST, he moved to Vème moderne until the final year, Ière moderne B, where B is the section he chose (maths-computer sciences). He graduated as of July 5th, 2011 and will be in his first year of university.

His general attitude

fsvgm777 portrays himself as an overall nice and friendly user, though he can get angry at times. However, he is a serious user, but he tends to be sarcastic at times.

His activity on SMW Central

As stated above, fsvgm777 posts from time to time in the forums, but is slightly more active on IRC. He is a half-operator in #serioushax and was one in #francophonie before the channel got dropped, as Camerin (the channel owner back then) didn't remember his password anymore (not that the channel was active to begin with, as he often found himself to be alone).


The only "hack" he made is a translation of Super Mario World to Luxembourgish, which he considers to be crappy. He mostly did it out of boredom. He might make a real hack, but he doesn't know when.

Link to the translation

Coward Duck (inside joke)

On February 22nd, 2011, fsvgm777 unintentionally brings up a Metal Gear discussion in #smwc after telling Ersanio not to "feel asleep" (which is a reference to the NES version of Metal Gear). Around 3.5 minutes later, fsvgm777 posts a link to the first part of a playthrough of the MSX2 version of Metal Gear.

Around 25 minutes later, in #serioushax this time, Ersanio highlighted him:

21:17:55 <~Ersanio>	fsvgm
21:18:00 *	Ricci has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:18:00 <%fsvgm777>	?
21:18:03 <~Ersanio>	http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCvos4i0DDI 5:56 I had to laugh
21:18:08 <~Ersanio>	watch eeet :D
21:18:48 *	TheHiddenMissingno is now known as Dragonite
21:18:56 <%fsvgm777>	"I'm coward duck!" <- I lol'd hard.
21:19:56 <%fsvgm777>	THIS JUST IN: A boss in Metal Gear MSX2 is called "Coward Duck".
21:20:36 <%fsvgm777>	Did they even proofread it?

And so, Coward Duck (as an inside joke) was born. It's probably the weirdest inside joke on SMW Central. Heck, there's an emoticon which is supposed to represent Coward Duck: (")<

Furthermore, fsvgm777 changed his IRC hostmask to CowardDuck@Metal.Gear.MSX2.lu (note: .lu is the TLD for Luxembourg, the country he lives in).

Other sites he visits

fsvgm777 visits TASVideos. He was an official publisher there (which counts as a staff position on that site), but stepped down on November 6th, as he lost interest in encoding TAS runs. He was an Elite Member at The RX Community before it got shut down for unknown reasons. He also has a YouTube account.

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