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Super Mario World Level
Front Door
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 10D, 1BD, 1C7, 1CC, 1CD, 1CE, 1CF, 1D0, 1D1, 1D2, 1D3, 1D4
Notes Last level in the game
Star World 5
Front Door
Larry's Castle
List of Levels

The Front Door level is, as the name says, the Front Door of Bowser's Castle in the Valley of Bowser. Front Door is accessible with all normal exits (and a few secret exits). Back Door, however is only accessible with secret exits.


The Front Door has a variety of rooms which you must choose from, first time ranging from 1-4, and second time from 5-8. The Back Door skips these rooms and goes straight to the final sub-level before the boss.

  • Room 1: Contains the Layer 3 smash, and five lava pits with fireballs. If you have pressed the switch palaces, the filled-in switch blocks makes it easier to cross the pits.
  • Room 2: Contains a climbing net with three net doors. If you are climbing on the front side of the net, you can get hit by Podoboos. On the back side of the net, you can get hit by climbing Red Koopas.
  • Room 3: Contains the canvas object and some mechakoopas. This is the only level in the game containing the canvas object. And on a related side note, it's the only level using the Castle 2 tileset.
  • Room 4: Contains a room with Sparky sprites, a Hothead sprite, a hard-to-get 1-up mushroom and back-and-forth scrolling grey castle blocks. Also includes a layer 2 scrolling sprite, but since the room doesn't have layer 2 objects, it makes the background scroll up and down.

After completing one of those four rooms, you are presented with another hallway of doors, which are numbered 5-8.

  • Room 5: Contains a lot of Thwomps and Crushing Layer 2 spikes (Layer 2 Smash 3). Wait until they are all raised to simply run to the end of the room.
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