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Moderating hacks, basic and somewhat advanced functions in LM, some graphical editing.

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May 10

Known For

Moderating hacks, co-author of Jigsaw's Test and Final Destination



Foursword4 first started hacking in June of 2007. He first saw videos of Lunar Magic earlier that year, but was never able to use it until after that school year ended. At first, it was just a little hobby he enjoyed doing in his spare time. Eventually, he got more serious, and started to implement new features into his levels. ExGFX was his first new approach. He came across Super Mario World Central during his search...and eventually joined on December 22, 2007. He lingered around for a bit, yet didn't post anything for a good two months. Even then, he was highly inactive. In fact, he only had ten posts in a five month period. But after he started showing my work on this site, he knew that he found a place he was comfortable with.

Eventually, Foursword4 was asked to join the staff team along with Broozer to replace one of the previous members. He accepted, and since then, Foursword4 has been helping around on the site by moderating hacks and keeping an eye on the forums.

Despite being on staff, Foursword4 mostly likes to keep to himself. Despite writing up removal logs, he doesn't post on the forums much. Yet, he does interact with his close friends whom he has made throughout his years as a member. Instead, Foursword4 tends to enjoy a more intellectual and personal approach to things, which seemed like an ideal fit for him when the Reality Corner forum was created.

Real Life

Foursword4's personality in real life is practically the same as his attitude on the site. Mostly keeping to himself and choosing to follow a healthier and more respectable lifestyle than many of his peers, Foursword4 usually keeps to himself. He does have a friendly personality, and opens up a lot to those he trusts. He's rather stoic and shrugs off most problems targeted at him, yet he takes many problems to heart when they revolve around those who he is close to.

Foursword4's real name is Matthew, (Matt for short,) and he is currently a college student working towards a major in Architecture. He grew up in Massachusetts, but moved to North Carolina when his parents wanted a change in lifestyle. He's been living there since 2000, and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon, as he has become very close friends with a few people who he feels he will be tied to for the rest of his life.


Foursword4 has had a few different projects under his belt. Most of his work has yet to be released, yet much has been revealed through hack threads and C3 showings.

Legend of the Rift

Legend of the Rift is Foursword4's main project, and has been through multiple transformations and revisions since his first moment of hacking. It is interesting to note that Legend of the Rift is indeed the first archive of his work, as Foursword4 has yet to release any solo work. In fact, Legend of the Rift still contains some content that dates back to Foursword4's first few months of hacking. Legend of the Rift Volume 1: Venus was released on April 29, 2011.

Jigsaw's Test

Jigsaw's Test is a short puzzle hack that Kc and Foursword4 made exclusively for Fall 2008 C3. It was an instant hit, and proved that there are still ideas that have not yet been touched upon. The premise of the hack is loosely based off of the famous Saw horror series. However, it does not tie directly into the official canon of the series.

Final Destination

Final Destination is mysterious hack that is still under development. It is a team hack between S.N.N. and Foursword4. Not much is known about the hack...but time will tell whether Mario can escape his Final Destination. Despite what one may think, the name and premise of the hack isn't largely related to the Final Destination horror series.

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