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Lunar Magic, jonwil's Blocktool

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October 22

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Being Australian, creator of The Title is Irrelevant

Forty2, previously known on SMW Central as hyreforgling, is a regular member on SMW Central. In real life, he is a 14-year-old boy called Jesse living in Sydney, Australia. His user ID before the wipe was 637, after the wipe and currently it is 166. (Contributions link to the side doesn't work because my SMWiki username is not Forty2. This link does work.)



Most people should be able to piece together from other pieces of information on this page that Forty2's D.O.B. is October 22, 1996. It has been mentioned that his real first name is Jesse.

Forty2 has been hacking Super Mario World for some time now, but still doesn't know how to do many things.

Hacking History

The Beginning

Forty2 first discovered ROM hacking and emulation early to mid-2007 when he was using Google to find a level editor for a game he enjoyed. He then somehow came across a YouTube video of a custom Super Mario World level. This interested Forty2 as he had always wanted to make his own levels for Super Mario World (or at least Super Mario Advance 2) so he followed some links to FuSoYa's Niche and downloaded Lunar Magic. There was a link to SMWC at FuSoYa's Niche, and Forty2 soon registered.


This was the start of Forty2/hyreforgling's SMWC adventure. At first he only asked questions, but soon moved on, becoming more active, and spent time in the World of Insanity forum. He made slow progress with his first publicly announced SMW hack, Mario in Linear Land, which no longer exists. It was quite soon cancelled, and hyreforgling started a new hack. This new hack originally started with the title "Grand Theft Mario", the plot of the hack being that Mario had to hijack a flying machine to head back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Later it was renamed Mario: In Desperation.

Eventually, hyreforgling just disappeared, missing all the interesting events happening during 2008 (such as the launch of Nightfall).


hyreforgling had returned to SMW Central in February 2009. He was amazed at how much the community had changed since he was last there. He soon used the 'new' name change feature to change his username to Forty2, his current internet alias. He picked up his old hack Mario: In Desperation and started working on new levels or redoing old levels. Not liking the name of the hack that much, he changed it again to Ninjas, Turtles, and Flying Machines, another name he would soon come to dislike. Eventually, Forty2 had the courage to release a demo of his hack. Due to a lack of positive responses, he gave up on the project and decided to start a new, vanilla hack. This is his current hack, The Title is Irrelevant.

Forty2 continued with The Title is Irrelevant. On June 10, 2010, Forty2 released the first version of Demo 1. A thread was also made announcing the demo release. The thread also doubles as a progress thread for the hack. The demo received mostly positive feedback, and it was featured on June 12. Update/fix versions v0.11 and v0.12 were released on June 12. Fix version v0.13 was released on June 15. Demo 2 was released on January 15, 2011, and was featured on February 1.


Forty2 runs #grills, a quite unsuccessful IRC channel on Kieran's network, CaffieNet ( It is somehow related to Captain Pissweak's channel #restrooms (now unregistered because of his absence). More recently, Megafonzie has opened up his own channel, #microwaves, for some unknown reason. These channels are fairly unpopular and inactive.


Even since its creation, the purpose of #grills has always been to supply people that join the channel with imaginary food. These days, no one orders food from Forty2. In July 2010, Forty2 was forced to uninstall mIRC, which means that the script which handled food orders no longer exists and that the automatic food no longer works.


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