Forest of Illusion 4

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Super Mario World Level
Forest of Illusion 4
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 11F
Notes The fourth level of the Forest of Illusion
Forest Ghost House
Forest of Illusion 4
Forest of Illusion 2
Forest Secret Area
List of Levels

Forest of Illusion 4 is the fourth level of the fifth world,the Forest of Illusion.


Mario starts out near a Fishin' Lakitu and bouncing green Koopa. Be wary of taking the Fishin' Lakitu's 1-Up Mushroom, as he will start hurling Spinies at you until the end of the level. After a few screens, Mario encounters a pipe-dwelling Lakitu. This variety of Lakitu hides in a pipe, and throws a spiny at you. The rest of the level is mostly made up of pipes and Lakitus hiding in them. The end of the level has two Throw Block pyramids, two pipes containing a Jumpin' Piranha Plant each, and a Chargin' Chuck.


This level has no slopes.

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