Forest of Illusion 2

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Super Mario World Level
Forest of Illusion 2
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 120
Notes The optionally second level in the Forest of Illusion
Forest of Illusion 1
Forest of Illusion 4
Forest of Illusion 2
Blue Switch Palace
Forest of Illusion 3
List of Levels
Forest of Illusion 1 on the Overworld post Special World.

The is the chronologically second level in the Forest of Illusion.


  • Forest of Illusion 2 is a swimming level. It has a secret exit which is reached by swimming through a false wall near the end of the stage. A key is positioned right next to the keyhole, guarded by a Rip Van Fish.
  • The level consists of swimming through an underwater cave that is filled with Urchins, Blurps (sometimes in formation) and a few Rip Van Fish.
  • There are Throw Blocks that assist in swimming, if picked up.
  • There is a Green ! Block at the start of the level, followed by yellow ! Blocks.
  • There are multiple paths, but only one leads directly to the end of the level.

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