Forest of Illusion

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A complete map of the Forest of Illusion

The Forest of Illusion is the fifth world in Super Mario World and is easily the most confusing. Almost every level has a secret exit, and sometimes one level exit will reveal the path to the previous level! If you are not counting which exits you have already found, it is possible to forget one or two in here. This is also one of the few worlds that requires the player to find a secret exit in order to complete (the others are Chocolate Island and Star World). A Star World warp can be found via the secret path through the Forest Fortress.

Forest of Illusion contains the following 9 levels:

ID Name
11E Forest of Illusion 1
120 Forest of Illusion 2
121 Blue Switch Palace
123 Forest of Illusion 3
11D Forest Ghost House
11F Forest of Illusion 4
122 Forest Secret Area
01F Forest Fortress
020 #5 Roy's Castle

Useful Information

  • Level 020, Roy's Castle, is one of two levels to feature a hard-coded eating/creating block sprite path. This path depends on whether the level is on a sub-map or the main map; that is, regardless of the level, if it is on the main map the eating/creating block sprite follows path A and if the level is on a sub-map the sprite follows path B. This is hardcoded and it is not recommended to change it unless you have serious hex editing or ASM skills.


  • This world features two paths which cross each other, feat normally impossible in Lunar Magic. The path between levels 11F and 120 is hardcoded so this is possible.
  • In the Overworld Editor, the natural color of water for this sub-map is red. It is not clear why, as there is nothing red in the sub-map in-game, but it may be possible to exploit this curiosity for a pure vanilla hack.

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