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One of Super Mario World's forest levels.
Forests are levels that take place in wooded areas with many trees and vegetation.

The Forest of Illusion submap is forest-themed, though forests are actually an uncommon theme. Forests are more difficult than Grassland levels, and often contain hidden Secret Exits.

Common Elements

Forest levels typically have flat platforms, but sometimes utilize many changes in elevation. These levels have trees that partially obscure the foreground, topped by bushes and numerous Berries. Enemies such as Wigglers and Goombas are common, but forests also feature Bob-ombs and Hopping Flames.

In Hacking

Following the Forest of Illusion, many hackers use forest levels as opportunities for puzzles, involving Mario finding his way throughout the winding maze-like forest paths. Of course, levels that are very perplexing are usually reserved for Ghost Houses.

Forest themed levels in SMW

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