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Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

04 (SP4)



The football, an American football, is a sprite that Puntin' Chuck will toss at you.

General information

It seems to be featured in Super Mario World only.

Here, the Football wasn't a toughie at all. In fact, each attack you can think of will do it. That means throw blocks, shells, stars, Yoshi, cape swipe, spin jump, slides, and (surprisingly) even fireballs and regular stomp!

Except for invincibility, in which case you never really need to worry about being successful in finishing it off, this can be rather tricky, as it bounces in a rather erratic and wild pattern. Especially jumping it or tossing something at it might be a great risk, and you need some good timing for the latter. Don't take these risks when being small, try to find out which pattern it takes, and try to avoid it, instead of attacking it. There's a big chance you'll survive it this way.

Hacking information

In Lunar Magic, this sprite also comes into one that jumps, but remains in place. This one's sprite 1B.

0x09DC9 [8A] Football tilemap

SMWRock.png Sometimes in Roms, people will use a rock instead of a football, like in caves.

BouncingFootballinPlace.png Chuck's Football, though it can be used to just bounce in place.

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