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Flandre Scarlet is a smwcentral user who registered sometime early 2008. Flandre started a couple of smw hacking projects such as Mario and the Ancient sky garden, Mario and luigi's dilema, and toadette's adventure. Unfortunately, all were cancelled due to lack of inspiration.

ASMT: Although all the above projects were cancelled, Flandre made about 5 levels for the collaboration hack known as A Super Mario Thing" which is currently in production. He was inspired by the Japanese smw hacking community and even utilized some of there unreleased resources to make the hack as fresh as possible.

He believes that this project will turn out as a western counter part to the vip series. Puriny Ping, a skilled Japanese hacker hails ASMT from the previews as top quality.

Flandre's favorite color is red.

This user is also not to be confused with the Touhou character he named himself after.

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