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Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

03 (SP4)


0x0E (Sprite Palette 1)

A Fishbone, similar to a Dry Bones or Bony Beetle, is the zombified skeleton of a fish. It typically resides in underwater sections of castles, where it swims forward in a straight line, occasionally wiggling its tail to get a burst of speed. Like most fish enemies, Mario will take damage if he touches it while swimming.

Fishbones are immune to most of Mario's attacks, with only stars being able to defeat them. Yoshi is also capable of eating them.

Hacking information

Fishbones don't require buoyancy to swim and can even be set in the sky, where they will swim forward as if there were water there.

It is generally not a good idea to allow the player to get a star around fishbones. Instead of falling straight down, the fish's lifeless body bounces forward slightly, and the player can swim into it repeatedly to get multiple 1-ups. (This can be fixed by using Tweaker and unchecking "Don't disable clipping when killed by star" and checking "Disappear in a cloud of smoke")

Related Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
0x19999 $03:9799 [A6] Fishbone's head tile, Frame 1
0x1999D $03:979D [A8] Fishbone's head tile, Frame 2
0x19988 $03:9788 [A3 A3 B3 B3] Tiles used by Fishbone's tail
0x19984 $03:9784 [4D CD 0D 8D] YXPPCCCT properties for Fishbone's tail.
First two are when it's going right, second two are when going left.
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