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Fire Flower

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Graphics file(s)

GFX00 (SP1)



A Fire Flower, or simply Flower, is an item in the Mario series that, when collected, turns Mario into Fire Mario. However, if Mario is already in Fire Mario form the Fire Flower will be added to the Item Box in the Status Bar on top of the screen.

Fire Flowers cannot be obtained from ! blocks but can be obtained from certain kinds of question blocks and turn blocks when Mario is not small.

Obtaining a flower gives Mario the ability to break turn blocks using a spin jump and shoot fire at enemies with X or Y. It also temporarily protects Mario from death should he hit an enemy, though he will revert to Small Mario as a result. It uses the green palette (palette D).

Fire Mario annihilating some minor enemies.

Fire Mario is the powerup form that is bestowed upon Mario when he collects a Fire Flower. It allows him to shoot fireballs that turn most enemies into coins. Only 2 fireballs can be on the screen at once.

Obtaining a Fire Flower gives 1000 points to Mario.

Hacking Information

The Fire Flower uses sprite number 75 in Lunar Magic, and is located on GFX File 00.

Related Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x05281 $00:D081 Fireball throwing routine.
x0C7F8 $01:C5F8 What powerup flowers give you.
x0C770 $01:C570 Number of points to get when Mario touches a fire flower.
x0C54C $01:C34C Change to 00 and the Fire Flower won't flip back and forth on the X Axis.
RAM Addresses
SNES Description
$7E:0019 Powerup RAM Address. Setting it to the value 03 will force Mario to become Fire Mario.


  • If Mario grabs a Fire Flower while it is stuck to Yoshi's tongue, the game will give him two flowers, one from collecting it directly and one from swallowing it with Yoshi.
  • If Mario collects a Fire Flower and grows from it on the same frame that Yoshi sticks his tongue out, Yoshi's head will glitch and he'll stick out his tongue twice (this can be used to create a null sprite).
  • If Yoshi swallows a Fire Flower while Mario is going down a Warp Pipe and it causes him to change powers, Mario will stop entering the pipe but be stuck with the properties he has when going into the pipe. This is known as the Layer Switch Glitch.
  • If you wait long enough after dropping a Fire Flower out of the Item Box, it will loop and come back out of the top of the screen.
  • Due to the way Super Mario World works, a dropped select Fire Flower will still function in the same place within a screen for every screen of a level, however it will not be visible.
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