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Also known as

FirePhoenix, Viarra



Knows of

Metroid hacking.

Join date

January 16th, 2010


April 13th 1990

Known For

Being a former moderator, running the annual level design contests until 2012 and his crazy videos.

FirePhoenix is some dude from SMW Central who wandered in one day, stuck around for a while, somehow became a staff member, and has quietly progressed up the staff charts and now sits poised to usurp S.N.N. any day now. He resigned his staff posision on 2012 because he was having a busy life.

He doesn't have much skill in SMW Hacking. He barely knows insert the ExGFX. Instead he focuses on Super Metroid hacking. His hack, Super Metroid: Volta has been in development for over a year and a half by now and only at about 25% completion. Talk about a lazy bum.

Lately he's been working with Treeki and others with Reggie!, an editor for New Super Mario Bros Wii. This has been taking up his time as of late, as has his recent acquisition of a social life in college and his girlfriend. Oh my, a nerd with a girlfriend? Ho-ly shiiiiit.

If you run into this guy on the forum, don't worry. He's probably harmless. Probably.

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