Fir3blast124 go Weegee

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Fir3blast124 go Weegee

Also known as

Fireblast124, FB124, Red and Black Mario


Not Telling

Knows of

Do I have to tell?

Join date

28th November, 2008


Not Telling

Known For

Making ExGFX and helping others

Fir3blast124 go Weegee, is a SMWC user that is mostly a playful (Or at least playful) user helping out others and such.


  • Weegee Bells's Adventure - cancelled due to cut-offs/crappy stuff/bad palette/others.
  • Mario in Moon Hell - frozen
  • *UNKNOWN HACK NAME* - work in progress


  • Is known as "Red and Black Mario" due to his avatar.
  • Is a huge Mario fan mainly of the avatar.
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