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August 29th 1991

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Being a former hack moderator

exit1337 is also known on Youtube as shffler1337, but you might also find him as -=3X!T=-, though exit1337 is his general username (just like on SMWC).

exit1337 is 20 years old and has been part of SMWCentral since early in 2007, therefore he is an old member. from 2009 to 2011, exit1337 has been a successful hack moderator, now he's just a regular active user. He is furthermore an administrator and one of the most active members on the German SMW Hacking Site by WhiteYoshiEgg, which he joined as one of the first members in May 2008.

Hacking career

exit1337 has been hacking SMW since 2006. He started off as a real noob and made his first hack called "Mario's shitworld" which has 47 new exits, with new level design and a slightly edited OW. Appalling palettes, glitches etc. decrease the quality of that hack. Well, it was the first hack he made, after all. He needed about one year to finish it. As bad the hack may be, exit1337 learned a lot from it, like all the essential Lunar Magic basics. He does not want to show pictures of it, as it may cause eye cancer :)

After completing the hack, he delved into SMW Hacking, thus he heard and saw ExGFX in other hacks. After desperate googling and searching, he found out about SMWCentral, registered there and was completely astonished about all the awesome hacks which were uploaded there. Slowly, exit1337 learned more about ExGFX and started his second hack, Mario's World tour, which is way better than his first hack. It contains 25 new exits with ExGFX, partly altered GFX and brandnew subworlds. On SMWC, Mario's World tour was averagely rated a 7.0, even though there were quite a few ExGFX mistakes and glitches. Mario's World tour cannot be downloaded from SMWC anymore.

A screenshot from "Mario's World Tour"

Then, unfortunately, there was a flop for exit1337's hacking career: After the release of Brutal Mario, exit1337 stopped hacking for roughly a year. Reason for this was the 10/10 ratings people gave it just because of the ASM Hacks, even though the OW was so-so and the level design terrible. He did not completely stop hacking, though. He still hung around SMWC and learned HDMA, as well as importing custom sprites and custom blocks and more.

In March 2008, exit1337 started to work on his third hack called "The artifacts of marvelous birds", short form: Taomb

He still works on that hack and it contains everything except ASM and Custom Music, though the latter will get implemented after world 4 of Taomb is created. A demo 1 was released in July 2009 having two full worlds with 16 exits, which was averagely rated 7.7 (3 downvoters) and got featured.

A beta-screenshot from Taomb

He is currently working on World 5.

The second demo of The artifacts of marvelous birds was released 16th September 2011 and contains 4 worlds with 35 exits, new graphics music and whatsoever. It's a must play, so go here if you haven't already tried it out: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=showhack&id=5674

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