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Also known as

Lord Monocle IV, Neutron, Leictreon, Tuyukosi



Knows of


Join date

July 13th, 2008


April 22nd, 1995

Known For

absolutely nothing

Electron is a guy from SMWC. Currently retired from SMW hacking.

Name Changes

Electron has the record of "Most Name Changes in a Regular User". AKA:

300, AAA, Algoths, Beneral Goo, Big Musta, Blue Boomer, Bowser, Bugzzy, CaptainAxis, Creator of 3000 characters, Castle Fan, DeghenalGoo, Dergho, Epic Fail, Epic Win, Fallgoths, G.B.,Gamma Ray Burst, GB, GenBoo, General Boo, GreyCementBlock, Heroniacus, HurtCoinBlock, I hate IDSA, Knuckles, Korlongus, Lakitu's Castle, Leedsichthys, Lieutenant Goomba, LMIV, Lord Monocle IV, LunarMagic IV, Mamma Luigi, Master Boo, Master Hand, Mr.Snow DuRaNgO, Mr. Stickman, Ness, NeverUser, NiteOwl II, Oob Lareneg, Ozymandias, Rakziel Carlik von Gasahzala, Regolian Soldier, Reznor, Robot Man,Scatchocolate Roll, Serpentusarus, Shraskak Tuyukosi,Smithy, Soy una musica, Tiberius Ukagus Umikius, Ukago, Wruck.


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