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Dust and Echoes/Michael

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August 23rd, 1992

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Not known for anything... Yet.

Dust and Echoes, also known as Dustin Echoes (Which is just another way of saying it), everything by far is for some reason Classified or unknown for this rather odd user.



Real life

Outside the world of online/Internet Dust and Echoes real name is Michael, concept artist for a game producer called "Bungie™" which has made several very popular games in it's carer. And since Michael has joined Bungie™ way back in 2002-2003, he has increased his artistic skills and in concept art.


Michael has a few nick-names for the online world, such as Dust and Echoes, Dustin Echoes, and Ultra Multichaos, but he classifieds most of his information about himself, Michael is a moderator on the Bungie™ site and uses the computer to draw most of his concept art since he doesn't really work at the Bungie™ studios, which is not in his province.


Dust and Echoes/Michael had found some interest in SMW hacking and has joined the site "SMW Central" and plans to make SMW hacks


Here are hacks in the making, but please, be patient, I don't get much time to work on my hacks.

Super Mario World:Descend into chaos.

The story will be added very soon, please be patient.

The end

That is all for now, but come back again soon to find more updates in the hacking section of this page, but for now, have a good day/night.

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